How to Mix Humor Into Your Essay Writing | 2021 Guide

Academic essays are important tasks that should be taken seriously. Even though the nature of such an essay is serious, you can add some humorous content to engage your readers. It does not mean you should crack jokes throughout the essay but a sentence or two to put a smile on the reader’s face with essay writer.

Everyone likes a little humor here and there just to make sure the funny sentence helps the case of your essay and it does not harm your argument in any way.

Rules For Writing Humor

The following are some of the important rules to keep in mind while adding humor into your essay.

  • Identify Your Style of Humor

Everyone has a different style and sense of humor. So, it is important to sit back and write funny things, make use of your own sense of humor and think about the way you want to add a fun piece in your writing.

  • Rule of Three

The rule of essay writing service is very common in humor writing. It involves establishing a pattern with two ideas and then bringing down with a third idea that is for a comedic twist.

  • Twisted cliché

It is an expression used so much that it lost its original impact. Take a famous phrase and change the ending for a fun twist.

Tips For Writing Humor

  • Try to surprise the reader
  • Find funnier words to add in your essay to amuse the reader.
  • Add small pulses in the text to make your reader smile doing essays with college essay writing service.